Your body has an amazing ability to self regulate and self heal. It does this through the feedback provided by your Central nervous system. The system provides feedback from organs and peripheral receptors in your body, sending important messages along your spinal cord to the brain to be processed. Stresses, whether through repetitive strain, injury, emotional stress or nutritional deficiency can overload your nervous system resulting spinal joint dysfunctions. It is these dysfunctions which lead to reduced function of your nervous system and thus a less healthier, lessor you. Chiropractic focuses on the identification and subsequent removal of these spinal joint dysfunctions through the use of specific, gentle manipulations to the joints and surrounding musculature.

At O’Dowd Chiropractic we stay up to date with the latest developments in Chiropractic care to ensure we continue to provide a safe and high standard of care to the community. We understand that no two people are the same, and therefore tailor our care to the specific needs of the patient. We treat patients of all ages, allowing the young to continue to develop and the aging to be as supple and mobile as possible.

Dr Matt O’Dowd

Dr Matt has been practicing Chiropractic care for 7 years after graduating from RMIT university with distinction in 2010. Matt has been practicing in Colac since that time, gaining invaluable experience.

Matt is a big believer in taking an holistic approach to health care, endeavouring to get to the core of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. Matt has a particular interest in managing and treating sports injuries, family care and is currently undertaking studies in chiropractic paediatrics.

Outside of Chiropractic Matt is still running around with the Colac Imperials Football club, is a former member of the Colac Kookas basketball squad and enjoys spending his summer on the lush fairways of the Colac golf club, where he is also a member of the clubs committee.

Matt has recently become engaged to his partner Megan. They have one fur baby, Luka the dalmatian.

Matt is passionate about the benefits that chiropractic care can provide to the local community and can’t wait to begin practice in his very own clinic in Colac.

Monique Booth

Monique Booth is a practicing Myotherapist, who has worked in Geelong and along the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula for more than nine years.

Monique studied at RMIT University and achieved her Diploma in Remedial Massage, followed by an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy in 2010.

Monique’s treatment takes on a holistic approach towards soft tissue structures of the human body. She covers a broad range of clients across all ages, including full-time desk-workers with postural strain, headaches/migraines, and low back pain, as well as recreational and professional athletes with muscle tightness and nagging sports injuries.

Monique is able to provide soft to deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling, mobilisation and a range of advice to help keep her clients keep active.

Monique has been heavily involved in sport, with a background in netball, snowboarding, swimming and competitive athletics; specifically sprinting and hurdling. Through all of this, she has experienced first hand the positive impact myotherapy treatment has on achieving pain relief, reducing recovery times and aiding rehabilitation and the prevention of injuries.

Monique has worked as a myotherapist with the Geelong Football Club for the last six years. She worked closely with the medical team assisting with treatment and management of the players, and has also spent time in similar roles at local Torquay and Grovedale Football Netball clubs.

Practicing what she preaches, Monique stays active, healthy and happy by consistently exercising, eating well and maintaining a good life balance.

Monique has two fur babies; A German Shepherd x Husky named Niah and a black German Shepherd called Gus.